CUSTOMERS OF ZARA, please read.

2 years ago

I am currently an employee of the European clothing brand named Zara. It is based all over the world and it is one of the main clothing stores that roll over everything else, athough Im not too sure what all the hype is about. Maybe Ive just worked there too long?

I have to say though, I love the job I do, but I am not a fan of the cliental that the store brings in and I want to shed a light on how everyone who shops there acts.

The store brings in rude, lazy and unmannered people. Do you go and stick coffee cups in your closet? than dont leave it on our shelving. Do you spill a drink in your bedroom and leave it there hoping or thinking that someone else should clean it up? Noo. Than dont spill your drinks on our floor, spill it on items and walk away . How inconsiderate.

I also do not get how our return policy is also so hard to follow. It is thirty days to return the item as long as it is in the condition you bought it in, all tags attatched with your receipt. This means not worn and tags unattatched or bought in another country - we are Zara Canada for a reason duh?

Do not demand your money from me, scream at me because YOU lost your receipt. as soon as YOU walk away with it, it is your responsibility, PEOPLE PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

Can I rant about how misbehaved your children are? Running around like tiny rats, shaking manequins, screaming like banshee`s and just being downright obnoxious? Control them, turn them off , put a leash on them yknow CONTROL THEM. Dont let them act like little brats please, I would like to get through the day without breaking an eardrum.

I do not want to be bossed around, yes I work there and yes I am here/ there to help your experience be better BUT that does not give you rigts to treat me like a dog, to lick the floor you step on. No. I am a HUMAN BEING. Just because I work retail does not me I mean less than you. In anycase you mean less than me.

Who`s to say I havent won the lottery and just work there to keep my time busy than waste away as a house wife, no wait, a trophy wife. House wifes are nicer.

As a cashier, I love my job, I love talking to people and helping BUT a heads up, you all complani about our shitty customer service, but did you ever think that maybe youve treated us like shit once to many times and we dont want that anymore? I get paid 10.75 and it sure as hell isnt enough to deal with snot bags .

As customers, please maybe show some respect to us, dont make us feel like we are worthless, or we are lower than you because in reality we are all the same.

Sorry had to rant because Im tired of being tired and having people like at us like we are stupid.


Rant over.

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