Custom made candle light holders

5 years ago

Yes you`re right, these gorgeous candleholders are custom made. There only exists only one of each. My sister is a real artist.. she adores to paint and loves to make things from metal, wood and other materials. My mom and i are currently redecorating the home because i`m taking some things to my new place. She doesn`t mind because she knows i need some things to remind me of home.
My sister told me and my mom that she would make 2 candlelight holders, each different but each with the same patern and material. It would stand for us, being different, but coming from the same pad. I thought that was so sweet of her, and i did love the thought behind it!

Because my sis told us she was going to make the candlelight holders a few weeks ago, i didn`t really think she was going to make them, such pretty words but nothing else. But yesterday she brought us the two holders! Me and my mom were really suprised! We both got one, they are really different, but still you see they match. My sister is making one for her too so we really have something special!

The first one is for my mom. She placed it next to our tv, so she can look at it on the evenings she`ll be spending with my dad and the dog. The second one is for me. I personally think it`s really pretty. I recently bought an antique church chair and i putted it on there for now, i still have to ask my dad to place the tv closet in our living room since i`m not able to do it on my own as a pregnant lady. - Also excuse the bad condition of the upper part of the chair. I just bought it and i still have to put some coats of protection on it to make it look a little better.

What do you think of the idea behind it. Do you look the little details?

~ Pictures are mine, please do not take without my permission

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