Curvy Girl Problems. Looking Thin, Even If You Are Not....

3 years ago

Hey Lovelies, I know a lot of us are on the thick side and a problem thicker girls have is looking bigger than they may actually be. So here are a few tips & tricks you can use to feel thinner til` you look thinner.

First things first thinking thin. If you act skinny you won`t appear to be as big. Sometime our lack of confidence is the first thing that displays what we are trying to hide. When you have confidence in yourself and act as if you are perfect (not in a snotty mean girls kind of way, more of a miss America world peace type of way) you will appear to be. Nobody is perfect but we all should have confidence in ourselves and put ourselves first!

I learned the hard way that all things bright and pretty are not always flattering. I tend to wear more dark colors however I always add a pop of color. You don`t need to be boring!
My take on patterns: Personally I do not like stripes... Stripes horizontally make you look bigger than you are because they make this illusion of our body being wider than it is.
Another thing is I always buy my clothes true to size. Baggy will make you look larger and sloppy. Tight makes you look uncomfortable.
Also make sure that you buy clothes you can wear not clothes that you WANT to wear, meaning every trend is not made for everybody... like high-waist jeans for instance... Only like 5% of girls actuallly look good in them!
Investing in a good bra can also make a huge difference. Especially being girls with curves we need to respect our `girls` and have a high quality supportive bra that will lift and hold. Don`t be afraid to get measured! Almost like 85% of women wear the wrong bra size!!
Don`t be afraid to accessorize! Make a bold statement and that usually takes some of the attention off our bodies. There is so many more tips out there but it all goes back to step one, THINK THIN <3
Love Yall Hope This Can Inspire You <3

Some of these tips I found on the Oprah Network really helped and an article in Seventeen I read a few years back. Just google: Dressing thin for curvy girls , or something similar.

Oh BTW: I found I love Peplum cuz it totally hides my belly. I bet you couldn`t even tell I had a belly in this pics!!!

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