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4 years ago

Hello gorgeous people!
Our smiles are VERY important, not only for appearance but also maintaining a good dental hygiene can prevent other health problems. I`ve always been very careful about my teeth/mouth ever since i was young. But i think i have been tough on them, especially when i brush. I brush really hard and for a long while to make sure they`re really clean when in reality i was damaging my teeth. My teeth enamel is suffering, i have sensativity to colds and hots (mostly colds) and until i see a dentist im trying my best to take it easy on my teeth by not brushing hard, im going to switch to a soft brush, and i purchased this sensative + enamel shield Crest toothpaste. It does what other toothpastes do (help fight cavetives, plaque, tartar, yada yada) but it also helps protect the enamel, or so it says. I`ve been using it for about a week in the morning & at night. It has little baby beads in it and its a fresh taste. My sister tried it because we were out of toothpaste and she was not a fan of it, she said that it was harsh on her mouth. I find it to be good! Hopefully it will help with my enamel! The other picture is the Colgate baking soda + peroxide toothpaste that we always purchase.

-What do you do to help & protect your smile?
-Crest Vs. Colgate! Who`s better?

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