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I always find that others` skin care routines/regimens are most interesting to watch/read about. There are so many products and available lines and brands... and since there`s no ONE thing that works for everyone, each individual person has their own favorites. For me - I found that after years of going through oily skin issues, acne prone skin and just pigmentation and scars, I can`t use a single line or brand. I always like to switch things up and I can`t continuously use the same products or they`re just not effective against my skin anymore. With that all said, please keep in mind that I still have <em>oily/combination skin</em>. I am still <em>acne-prone</em> but not to the extent that I have breakouts A LOT (maybe once a month?). My t-zone and cheeks are the worst areas and I do still have scaring from my teenage years =P

<strong><em>Skincare Products:</strong></em>
- <strong>Clarisonic Mia</strong> > I hate to admit it... but all the hype and reviews are true. This thing <em>works!</em> I was uch a non-believer before I actually got this for Christmas LAST year (I mean the whole set is $200!) and when I started using it everyday... I thought that it wouldn`t make too big a difference. <em>I was so wrong.</em>... I cannot emphasize how much my skin has cleared up overtime because of this. You won`t get results immediately, not even within 2 weeks... maybe a month. But I promise that if you keep using it once/twice a day and use it PROPERLY and with a good cleanser, it will work. Noticeable differences for me include pigmentation and scars... my skin heals faster and my skin feels smoother and even the deep bumps along my cheeks and side of my face are gone. I can`t recommend this enough but keep in mind that this ALONE won`t change anything. It`s also about what you eat, what cleanser you use and your daily routine as a whole =) Oh! And the <em>brush head</em> that I use is for acne-prone skin but I find the regular/sensitive skin ones work well too.
- <strong>Korre`s Wild Rose Cleanser</strong> > This is my night time cleanser that I use in the shower. I use my Clarisonic Mia mainly in the mornings now, so I use this cleanser in the shower as a part of my night time routine. It claims to be a <em>brightening and refinishing buffer</em> which (says on the back) smooths out your skin with ONE use. Now... THAT is a little hard to believe, but I do think that within a week, I was already seeing signs of smoother skin. It takes off make-up relatively well (I still recommend eye makeup remover prior to use) and smells exactly like roses. I love the texture of it.. little beads that gently exfoliate my skin and I use it in a circular motion. With that said, it`s probably one of my favorite cleansers I`ve tried from Sephora in a long time.
- <strong>Skin Food`s Green Tea Milking Cleansing Foam</strong> > Now THIS is a foaming cleanser. I use this in the morning with my Clarisonic and it smells so fresh and "new" (if that makes any sense o_O). I love how quickly it scrubs off the overnight grime off my face and it does well as a pick-me-up. I don`t think it`s heavy duty enough for make-up removal or deep cleaning, but it does work well as a gentle cleanser. Skin Food is probably not readily available everywhere so I wouldn`t tell everyone to go and pay the S&H for this one.
- <strong>Lush`s Eau Roma Water</strong> > This is toner I picked up more than 6 months ago and it`s still only half empty! Wow it lasts a long time. I got this actually first as a sample and I loved the smell of it so much, I went to buy the full (small) size. I use it mainly at night after my Korre`s cleanser and although it doesn`t pick up much dirt leftover (probably all gone), it leaves a nice refreshing feeling on a skin and it`s great for sensitive/dry/combination, all skin types in my opinion.
- <strong>Vichy`s Normaderm Nuit</strong> > This is also part of my night routine and I use it before going to bed. When I purchased it, I meant to use it as a moisturizer, only to find that my skin was oily enough as it is. Now I use this simply for what`s it`s meant for. It`s an <em>anti-imperfections</em> cream that is meant to smooth out your skin from any bumps or scars. I don`t feel like it`s the best or super effective but it gets the job done and I don`t use a lot so the tube`s lasted me a good 6 months. My favorite Vichy product is actually next...
- <strong>Vichy`s Normaderm Pro Mat</strong> > I decided that I needed a new day time moisturizer but also mattifier because I grease up <em>pretty quickly all year round</em>... and when Rae from <em>Raeview on YT</em> showed this in a favorites video, I quickly grabbed for it. Vichy isn`t a cheap brand keep in mind (this costs $35 regular price), but I find that this Pro Mat works SO well on me. I use it now as a base (instead of primer) and it really does moisturize AND mattify my face in one tube! It comes out in this green cream color but it`s not notificable on the skin. I love it! It`s probably the only product (from this list) that I`ve repurchased 3 times now. The only con is that... the tube is so tiny =(

That is all for my current skincare routine and favorites. I love all these products I use as a whole and highly recommend them even though everyone has very different skin and not all (if any) of these may work on everyone. I still definitely recommend the <strong>Clarisonic Mia</strong> and <strong>Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat</strong> the most though and if I had to splurge on anything, it would be those two! If you have any questions, want a more detailed review, let me know! If you ahve any recommendations, <em>I`d love to read those too!</em>

<strong><em>All photos are my own. Please do not copy/steal/use without my consent!</em></strong>
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