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5 years ago

Although the BeachMint membership sites have been around for quite a while, I only recently discovered JewelMint (which is great because they just started shipping to Canada in December). Anyway, I made three purchases from the site in the last couple of days (the Blanc Bomb ring, the Lady Luck Rings and the Love of Clove Bracelet), taking full advantage of discount codes and I`m pretty excited to get them all in the mail! I`ve heard that the quality varies piece by piece and have heard mixed reviews on the site (but honestly what can you expect when everything costs only $30?) I basically just joined because I`d like a few cocktail rings and statement necklaces to add to my wardrobe. I have plenty of higher quality pieces and am just looking for fun stuff! :)

***NOTE: If you`re not familiar with JewelMint, it`s a $29.99/month membership site with a massive collection of jewelry designed by Kate Bosworth and her celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. Basically what you do, is sign up, take a style quiz, and then each month certain items are chosen for you based on your "style profile." If you don`t see anything you like within the first five days of the month, you can skip the month and not be charged. But you can also buy whatever you want (and how much you want) after that, if you change your mind.

Are you a fan of JewelMint? Have you had any bad experiences? What are your favorite pieces?

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