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4 years ago

Fresh breath is something that everyone wants. And for a while, I didn`t use mouthwash just because I didn`t know why I needed it when I flossed and brushed daily. LOL However, I decided to give it a shot and ended up buying the BIGGEST bottle of mouthwash, ever. Just because I had a stinkin` coupon. I always get sucked in when I have deals.

But anyways, this mouthwash is by Crest 3D White and it`s a little different from other mouthwashes I`ve used in the past. It actually foams up when you swish it in your mouth. It doesn`t burn or anything so that`s great and it tastes super minty fresh. What mouthwash do you like the best? I definitely like this a lot better than listerine or scope. As far as whitening goes, I don`t notice too much of a improvement, but at least my teeth aren`t becoming MORE yellow. haha So i take it as a good thing!

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