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3 years ago

I have just started using some of these mascaras and the others I`m going to throw away soon because it`s just about at the 3 month mark, but I wanted to do a review on them nonetheless.

The mascaras that I have are:
- Benefit They`re Real ($10, $23 for full size): The brush is a unique brush that reminds me of the Loreal Million Lashes (?) mascara.. the one in the gold tube. It also has sort of a spiky ball at the tip, like the Loreal Telescopic Explosion mascara, I think it is. It`s really dark and really does lengthen and coat the lashes well. I really like this mascara, however I do not think I would repurchase because it is quite pricey.
- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara ($22 for full size): I got this from my sister, who got it from a friend. To be honest, I would have not tried it otherwise. It actually really is nice. It lengthens really well and has a nice tapered cone shaped brush. It is lightweight so if you curl your lashes beforehand, it won`t really weigh them down. Again, I probably won`t repurchase because it`s expensive, but it also is a nice product. I would use makeup remover to get this off, though, because I tried taking it off with water one time and once the mascara got in my eye, it stung so watch out for that.
- Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes ($5): Again with the tapered cone shape brush, I was intrigued by it. However, the formula for this is really wet and heavy so it just draged my lashes down. It didn`t do much for my lashes except drag them down and coat them darker. It lengthened a little bit, no volume. I will not repurchase this, though it is one of the cheapest mascaras at the drugstore.
- Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions ($6): It comes with a white primer side and a black mascara to coat on after. I really like this mascara. In the primer, I believe there are fibers that cling to your lashes, making them look longer than they are (and I definitely need that). The black mascara side is also great and super dark. It is a little more on the wet side so it did transfer when I blinked but that`s nothing that a Q-tip can`t fix. It lengthened my lashes and volumized a bit. I would repurchase this. It`s a great alternative to the more expensive mascaras that come with a primer.
- Loreal Voluminous Original Mascara ($6): Everyone raves about this mascara. To me (it might be my lashes) it`s not that great. The formula itself is very wet so it reduced the curl of my lashes. It lengthened a little bit, did a little bit of volumizing, but if you try to put more coats of it (like I always do to get maximum lengthening), it starts to clump. The good side is that it does go on really easily. I have no idea why but the formula reminds me of butter, super smooth. I wonder if this would be a good cream liner.. haha. I don`t know. I may repurchase this, but I wouldn`t buy into the hype. It`s a slightly above average mascara to me.

*note that all of the mascaras are in the darkest blackest black
~ Also, about my lashes. They`re short, sparse, and fairly hard to curl.

These are my own personal opinions. Looking back on the reviews, I feel like I sound mean about some of them, but really everyone`s lashes are different so a product I may dislike, someone else may absolutely love. I would still try these products if I were you because they might end up being your HG product. :)

*pictures are mine.

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