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4 years ago

For a while now I`ve been suffering from damaged hair - damage mainly from split ends and heating products (my straightner!). Unfortunately, I also have OILY hair - meaning, I wash it everyday. If I don`t, it looks gross and flat and FEELS really oily. I`ve been trying to find one HG shampoo/conditioner but I haven`t been able to for a while now... below are a few products that do work well on me but for very specific uses.

<strong>Hair Products:</strong>
- <strong>Tresemme - Heat Tamer Spray</strong> > I`ve been using bottles and bottles of these sprays... can`t say it`s <em>"The Best"</em> heat protectant spray, but it works well as a detangler too.
- <strong>John Frieda - Fuzz Ease Serum</strong> > I got this in a <em>GlossyBox</em> one month and I`ve been using it since. It`s great for mornings when you shower and wash your hair... not so great after you sleep and wake up in the morning. I think it`s not worth the price but for a free full-size sample, I`m good with it =)
- <strong>Essentials - Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Mask</strong> > This is a product I`ve heard <em>Bubz from Bubzbeauty</em> rave about last year (in a summer favorites video?) and I bought it while I was in Hong Kong. I LOVE the smell of it and a little goes a long well! It really is the best hair mask I`ve tried and used and it only cost me $10 from Sasa. I use it twice a week and it really does nutrious my hair from the split and fried ends.
- <strong>Skin Food - Pomegrante Shampoo</strong> > I bought this shampoo while I was in Korea last summer and just because it was meant for hair loss. Due to my long/damaged hair, I actually LOSE a lot of hair and shed like a dog (<em>no jokes...</em>). I don`t think this necessarily helps with the hair loss, but my next shampoo is quite DRYING that I need a different (less stripping of oils) cleaner for my hair.
- <strong>Lush - I Love Juicy Shampoo</strong> > If you have oily hair like mine, this is GREAT! It`s better than a lot of others that I`ve tried (and I`ve tried nearly every brand/line in the drugstore) and so worth the price. You don`t need a lot and it really does clean your hair completely of oils and smells SO good (like citrus and Five Alive juice lol). The only caution that I have for this is - you shouldn`t be using it everyday. Your hair does need time to replunish its natural oils to keep your hair healthy and shiny so I recommend using it every other day.
<strong>Skin Food - Hop beer Hair Conditioner </strong> > I have issues with my hair because it`s so OILY but yet DAMAGED. I`ve tried many conditioners just on the tips of my hair to help my split ends but nothing really works. Even <em>Lush`s Retread</em> doesn`t work. So I`ve switched and tried over a dozen different conditioners to find a good non-greasy yet moisturizing conditioner. This Skin Food one works but it`s not very strong. I find that I have to use a lot for all my hair and even then, I`m still on the hunt for a better one.

So that`s all for my long post on hair products. If anyone has recommendations for <strong>good hair conditioners/shampoos</strong> for OILY and SPLIT END hairs, that would be great =) I`m thinking of trying <em>Shu uemura`s line</em> next but it`s a little pricey. Let me know what works for you!

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