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5 years ago

For the past few weeks this pretty much has been the breakfast I`ve had every day because I`ve been trying to change my diet so I can build more muscle. I`ve had two eggs with a bit of milk scrambled which has oregano, basil, onion and garlic powder in it. Prior to cooking the scrambled eggs, I put in a total about a cup of frozen green beans and peas into the pan to defrost/warm/cook for about 2 mins on medium. Then I put in the eggs and scramble them and set them into a bowl with the green beans and peas. I put in 4 tablespoons of greek yogurt into a bowl with sliced bananas into a bowl and while the pan I cooked the eggs in is still hot I put in a few mixed frozen berries in to defrost in the heat for a few minutes then top my yogurt with them. While all this action was going on I had my kettle going to boil me some hot water for my green tea. This is only going to be my breakfast for the rest of the week because I am going to start training for a half marathon and will have to start my intake of more complex carbohydrates again, so one of the eggs will be replaced with a bowl of oatmeal and I will probably halve the amount of green beans and peas so I have room to eat oatmeal, a scrambled egg with green beans and peas and the yogurt with fruit and the tea. I may well have to cut down on my protein intake & up my carbohydrate intake so I have enough of the proper energy to train. The half marathon isn`t until December, however the man is trying to convince me to do one in August and in May haha. I know this breakfast looks kind of boring, but it works for me since I am not hungry for about 4 hours after eating this and some times skip out on my 10am snack since the protein keeps me full til lunch. Once I figure out what works for marathon training and have revised the breakfast enough I will do a post on it. I do not use salt when I cook and have cut down on using Frank`s hot sauce on my eggs as it has salt in it and we`re not looking for water retention.

What sort of breakfasts have you been having?
Do you have any lifestyle changes that have changed the way you`re eating or will?

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