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3 years ago

For those girls out there with curly hair I have a great method that I, myself do every night and it has done wonders for me and I would just like to share that with you. I had this all typed up but it somehow got deleted so I`m just going to wing it because the original one had big special words and what not. So anyways, I always take a shower before bed, (most likely 7 because since you going to be doing this with wet hair you might want to give it extra time to dry.) I know it sounds TERRIFYING to take a night shower when you have curly hair but it`s not all that bad when you do it right. After I take a shower I COMB my hair with a wide-toothed-comb, and I know every girl says this but seriously it`s a bit better than brushing. Yes I know that the comb hurts a lot more which may seem like it does more damage but I guess you can say they`re both pretty even. After combing/brushing I add mouse to my hair and scrunch it like a typical thing every curly haired girl should do, I use the Aussie Aussome Volume mousse. I then wait like 5 minutes for it to set in- like that does anything, you can skip waiting - after that I make a fishtail braid, just like the regular 3 strand braid gives you waves, the fishtail will give you curls, but not a REGULAR fishtail for best results I do a REVERSE fishtail. All links will be down below.

Reverse fishtail tutorial:
Fishtail picture:

*I am in NO WAY trying to copy anyone`s idea. This is my every-night routine and I thought I would share it with you guys! Thanks for reading my looooong description. Love ya lots <3
- Sofia G.

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