Curling Wand vs. Curling Iron

5 years ago

There`s always the big question when buying a curler: curling wand or curling iron? A curling wand is basically a curling iron without a clamp of you didn`t know. An example would be the one in the Luuux shop :)

Curling Wand
Good For: A large variety of tight and loose curls, spiral, ringlets, etc. and everyday hair as well as formal nights (can make Picture 1)
Pros: - Perfect spiral curls
- Easier to use
- No hair gets stuck and breaks
- Large variety of styles available
-Curls last longer
Cons- Possibility of burns
- Confusing at first

Curling Irons
Good for: ringlet curls, formal occasions (an example is picture 2)
Pros: -distributes hair evenly
- makes perfect ringlets
- more common and easy to find
Cons:-Snags and pulls hair
- Confusing to use
-More damaging
- Curls fall out quicker

Conclusion: I would recommend a curling wand because first off all, it doesn`t break and snap your hair. It also covers a large variety of styles while curling irons can`t make many different types of curls.

Good luck and I hope you guys use this advice one day!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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