Curling iron to clipless iron

5 years ago

Yes, I turned my curling iron into a clipless iron and yes its possible! The other day I was on Pinterest and I came across this pin about turning your curling iron into a clipless iron. It caught my attention and I wanted to read more about it. Basically what I saw was a regular 1 inch curling iron where the clamp and stand were taken off. It seemed fairly easy so I decided to give it a try and to my surprise it worked!
I dont have a curling wand and I actually just used this curing iron as if it was a clipless just by wrapping my hair around the barrel and it works perfectly fine and saves me money since I dont have to go out and buy a clipless iron. With all the different flat irons, different sized curing irons, blow fryers, crimpers, hot rolls, and velcro rollers I really dont need another hair styling tool! So when I saw this I thought it was genius and decided to give it a try and surprisingly its super easy to do!

<b><strong>TOOLS NEEDED:</strong></b>
Curling Iron
Phillips Screwdriver

<b><strong>HOW TO:</strong></b>
1.) First take your curling iron. Here Im using a 1 inch Conair curling iron.
2.) Next you want to remove the stand. Its actually really easy to remove the stand. All you have to do is start on one side and pull it out towards you and it will come out and then the other side will easily come out after.
3.) Next take your phillips screwdriver and unscrew the 2 screws on the sides where the stand was connected to.
4.) After unscrewing the 2 screws on the side thats when the clamp will come off.
5.) Next unscrew the screw that is attached to the spring that was underneath the clamp.
6.) And Voila! There you have it. A clipless iron that only took a few minutes.

Of course if you didnt want your curling iron to be a clipless anymore you can easily put everything back in its original form.

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