Cupcakes and Casseroles

So after my last post, I spent a few hours gathering recipe ideas and finally made a decision! The ever delicious hash brown casserole for a side dish and oreo surprise cupcakes for dessert! Both very very yummy, and both ended up being a bit of a disaster haha!

All seemed quiet on the homefront as I arrived home with my $123 of groceries from Wally World (side note, it wouldn`t have been so expensive if I had the necessary bakeware on hand to make these things - I had to buy all of that too haha). The morning of Thanksgiving was a bad time to plan baking things to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, I`ve learned. Things just don`t go off without a hitch unless you`re Martha Stewart (she`s just so GOOD!).

Anyhoo! I started off with the cupcakes first and the baking effort went pretty well considering I didn`t read the directions correctly lol. As you`ll see in the recipe below, it says to fill the tin up with HALF the cake mix. Meaning fill the cups up halfway. Then place the cream cheese mixture and oreo in the center and top with the remaining mix. Well homegirl didn`t do that lol. I decided to fill the cups up completely, then put a dollop of the mixture on top and push it down with half an oreo lol. Still worked, so it`s all good.

But, the real error came when it was time to frost. The recipe uses Cool Whip as frosting and then immediately refrigerate to keep a whipped up meltdown from happening. I let the cupcakes cool for about an hour and then attempted to frost. After frosting about 4 cupcakes, the meltdown began. Drippy whipped topping all over the counter below the cooling racks!! AAAHH! Temper flared, bowls were thrown, boyfriends were frightened.

But hark, what is this thought that comes to mind?! Philadelphia cream cheese frosting saves the day!!

Needless to say, we did not use the 5 or so that were destroyed lol. We frosted the GOOD cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting and they ended up being delicious!!

The hash brown casserole turned out pretty well, despite my NOT defrosting the hash browns beforehand and trying to mix them with the other ingredients. That was just not possible lol. We let it sit for a while and it ended up coming together just fine. Disaster averted!!

You can get the cupcake recipe here:

And you can get the yummy in my tummy hash brown casserole recipe here:

And finally, the hero of the day... Cream Cheese Frosting!!:

And remember, to avoid flaring tempers, thrown mixing bowls and scared boyfriends, read the instructions carefully and correctly ;) Enjoy!!

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