Cupcake wars

4 years ago

Goodmorning my lovelies. So I probably won`t have time to blog later today and since I`m up early anyways I thought I might as well put in something today. It`s currently 5:58 am right now, where I am and the suns already up. Gosh I love these days.

So the topic for today is also a cupcake. This is one that I made awhile back for my boyfriends family when we visited them. It was more fancy because com`on you gotta make a good impression with your cupcakes LOL. Anywho, it`s a white cake with pink cream cheese frosting. The decoration is made from melted chocolate that`s it. There`s sprinkles on there and such. I think I might`ve used my 1M star shape piping tip. I usually make my cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or just plain whipped heavy cream because it`s less sweet and less overwhelming compare to the buttercream frostings. The cream cheese frosting is light and just the right amount of sweets. It`s been a hit with my coworkers ever since I started making it.

Well side tracking from that, today is a work out day for me. I have to make up my aerobics class and my yoga class so it`s working out and yoga for me all day. I made a video the other day about my different bikinis that I have just gotten. They are very cute and if you want to know more then come back. If I find my camera cord I might just post it up right now but till then...stay tune..

Moochos loving :)

and one last thing I did take the picture above with my iphone and the picture is mine, so if you take it please give me credit for it Thanks :)

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