Cupcake ATM - See How It Actually Works!

5 years ago

You might have read posts or articles in websites about the Cupcake ATM machine and how you can get delicious cupcakes 24/7 in LA.
The concept is very interesting and it seems be popular, but im not in LA or anywhere near it and I was wondering how the ordering process was and how the whole machine worked in terms of interface and take the cupcake to you.
Luckily, someone thought about us, people that can`t access this machine, and went to the machine to record the whole cupcake ATM ordering process.

You can see the video of how it works in this post, next to the picture.
The user interface seems to be very well made and simple, you pick your box and cupcake, making them more personalized and not just like a cupcake vending machine, so you can even get a cupcake from here to offer as a gift since you can pick the box and they are all very nice.
After that, the actual machine shows you how it works on the inside and you can see the mechanical arms reaching for the cupcake box and assemble all of it until it get into the small compartment for you to take.

The whole process is pretty cool and the cupcake turns out great, i would use this machine all the time if it was close to me =D

<strong>What do you think of the Cupcake ATM and the concept? Is is something you would use?
What do you think of the whole ordering process?</strong>

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