Cuddle Cafe-Cuddling With A Stranger In Japan

4 years ago

If you wish to cuddle with some stranger you can in Japan now.
Japan`s first "cuddling cafe" just opened and its not your typical coffee place and i think people won`t be going there to get some coffee.

The bar is called " Soineya" and the concept of this cafe in Japan is that depending on how much you pay you can cuddle with a lady and different types of cuddling, like petting a girl on the head(i lol`d at this one) have different prices and it go for something like 75$ =X
The cafe is also looking for more girls to "work" there and i also thought the job announcement was hilarious because they wrote "sleeping" as the job description lol

This is just a strange concept and even though i like to read/see different concepts, this one is really strange. I don`t know who would pay to cuddle with a stranger but there is probably a market for that also otherwise they wouldn`t open the cafe.

<strong>What do you think of the cuddling cafe?
Would you consider going to this cafe?</strong>

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