Cucumber Sliders!

1 year ago

I`m always on the hunt for yummy and delicious recipes and snacks, so when I first heard of cucumber sliders, I was interested. They`re super simple to make and are incredibly health! Essentially, it`s like a little sandwich but, instead of bread, you use cucumber slices. It adds a great crunch and is fat-free and basically calorie-free!

I like to make my cucumber sliders with a piece of honey roasted turkey (I prefer salami but turkey is so much healthier) and a slice of colby jack cheese. The colby jack cheese actually comes in `slider sizes` which is perfect for these little guys! I just make two or three of these and they`re the perfect snack!

If you`re looking for something fun to munch on but trying to keep it healthy, these cucumber sliders are a great idea! They`re super simple and yummy! You can choose any cheese and/meat you want, so you can make it to your liking. I want to try other kinds of meats and cheeses to find my favorite, but the turkey and colby jack is pretty good! :)

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