Cucumber Lemon Water - Best refresher

Keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important, but getting those 6-8 glasses of water a day can be quite challenging. I`ve been on a healthy kick for quite a while now and that also includes drinking enough water to make sure I flush out all the toxins from my system. If you`re like me you may find drinking pure water every single day a bit dull, so I try to spice it up by adding something extra. My favourite is cucumber and lemon cut up and added into the water, but the options are endless here. You could put only cucumbers alone, or lemon, or my mom`s favourite oranges. You could also add some mint or basil leaves which make it even more refreshing. Not only does it give some flavour to the water, but it also adds some nutrients and vitamins to it. Cucumbers are full of vitamins A, C & K as well as calcium & iron. Your skin and tummy will thank you!;)
Before working out, I often make a cucumberlemon water instead of just bringing my water bottle. I don`t drink sodas and I even water down my orange juice halfhalf , so the flavour that these natural ingredients add to the water are more than enough for me. Try it, you won`t regret:)
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