CubicFun 3D Puzzle - Neuschwanstein Castle

4 years ago

Ever since I was little, I loved building things, whether it was made of wood or Lego! I`m not sure if anyone of you remember, there was a brand that specialized in 3d foam puzzles, something Frog? But I loved making 3d puzzles because it was an added challenge because pieces didn`t create a 2d picture instead they made a 3d object instead.
At Mastermind (an educational toy store) a year and a half ago, I had seen this puzzle and others on the shelf and I really wanted to purchase it but I didn`t because it was $20 - $30 CDN depending on the designs and I just didn`t feel like it was worth it. So when there was a warehouse sale near where I lived, I ended up purchasing it for $10 CDN instead...I was so happy!
Basically this is a 3d puzzle model of Germany`s Neuschwanstein Castle. There are 98 pieces, but its not like a regular puzzle though because a 98 piece puzzle would usually take me like 1 hour, but this puzzle took me over 3 hours to but its because the pieces were small and you had to be careful with it. The pieces came in boards and they were numbered off and you had to punch them out one by one. No glue or tape was required for the assembly of the puzzle, which I found was the best thing they could have done because the last thing I would want to do is make a mess when I`m trying to do a calming puzzle! I had to be super careful making it because it seemed so fragile to me that if I pressed too hard on a piece, it would break! But for a foam 3d puzzle, I think they did a good job designing it. If you do purchase this as a gift for someone, I would recommend this for people older than 12.
The model actually measures 41.5 cm x 18 cm x 33.5 cm or 16.3" x 7" x 13.2", which was pretty big in my opinion!
There are other designs available as well, I have another one from them that I didn`t start yet but will soon! But I really wanted to find the Tower Bridge, but they didn`t have it at the warehouse (BOO!), but oh wells!
What do you think about this model? Did you like 3d puzzles?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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