Crytek will only make Free 2 play games

Crytek`s plans for the future is to create AAA quality games free, said Cevat Yerli, CEO of the company, the Videogamer. But before this transition in business model happen, Crytek has to first finish their contracts with publishers like Electronic Arts (Crysis 3), THQ (Homefront 2) and Microsoft (Ryse). This plan will begin with the Crytek Warface an impressive FPS free-to-play competition with graphics that make the games paid. "As we were developing games for consoles knew early on that the future is online and free-to-play," said Yerli. "Right now we are in a transition from cash games to experience a totally free-to-play." "What this implies for the future is that all the new games in which we work, as well as projects, new platforms and technologies are designed around the free-to-play and online." Crytek`s goal is to create games free-to-play high-quality, big budget of around $ 10-30 million. However, the cost to start playing is always zero.

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