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Hey guys, look at these beautifuk crystals!

Site where i found it says this: ``A superb specimen with several rare phosphate minerals on Beryl matrix. About 50% of the face is covered with micro, lilac, tabular Roscherite group crystals. The Roscherites at Tip Top are crystallized in a range of colors and the lilac colored crystals may be Zanazziite, the Mg member. The pink rosettes are Montgomeryite clusters to 1.5mm. These clusters, when viewed under the scope are very lustrous and distinct.

Hurlbutite clear to murky colorless beads are hidden amongst the Roscherite crystals. On the edge, youll note an area of black Rockbridgeite crystals.

Englishite can also be seen in abundance across the matrix as tiny white clusters. The backside is also much of the same but to much lesser degree.``

So these look really cool. I really like how they have zoomed it in so you can see it in details! :) x

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