Crystal Renn Extreme weight Loss!

5 years ago

I`m so shocked that this model lost so much weight, I posted a couple ago about her cover on a magazine and I was so proud of her for embracing her curves and looking fabulous, and now I see her looking so skinny that I`m so shocked... The thing that shocks me the msot is that she alcaims that her weight loss wasn`t intentional, she lost all that weight just because without any intention... That`s clearly a lie sicne you can see the amount of weight she has lost, and thta amkes me sad because she was a spoke perosn for curvier girls and she always said "so what" to ehr weight and now she does something that I was expecting at all which is loosign all that weight...
It`s obviously her who has to decide which "sixe" suits ehr better and makes ehr happier, but it makes me sad to see that a women that I admired did the opposite to what she said she would do :( and she is also being fake about her weight loss, you don`t loose that much weight unless you intend to... I`m guessing she felt the pressure of not being skinny which is wuite sad and shameful! I honestly like her with a few pounds, I tihnk she looked much antural and healtier before than now :/ (my opinion)

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