Crystal Mud: What is it?

5 years ago

*pictures are mine

So. What the heck is crystal mud? If you click on the second picture, you probably thinking they look like nerds candy. And they do! But these ingenious little things are actually quite fun!

So when you get them, they are dry like those nerds candies. You put a pack (or in my case, 3) into a jar and soak them with TONS of water. The second picture is of mostly one pack (i dropped some while putting them on the desk). And 2 more packs in not a lot. i mean, one hand could probably hold 10 packs without spilling, thats how little it is. Anyways, so you soak them with TONS of water. the little beads took up less than a fraction of my jar but i filled my jair up 75% with water. Dont fill it up all the way because those beads... ready... EXPAND. yea. cool isnt it?
So my first and third picture is 1 day after i soaked them. and they`ve already become from nerd-size to marble size!

So what can i do with them? Well, after they are fully expanded (you can control their growth with the amount of water and time you soak it in), you can put it in a jar. Since its so colourful, they can make beautiful decor as is. But here`s another use. Plants. Yep, youve got that right. some plants don`t need soil. Instead, you can put some of these in, and put the plant and it will still grow! water will be released within the beads so that the plant always has water. Super smart right?
But not every plant can take this type of growth, so make sure the plant you are using can live without soil! (one plant I know that can use this is bamboo).

A note to remember when using these little beads. Stay out of sunlight. It will mess up their "function" and also dry out the water faster. And after you put the plant in, you will still need to add some water over time, but its not like regular plants where theres a schedule. The beads hold excess water, and release them when needed.

so what do you think of these? Would you use them?

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