Crystal Cave of Giants

5 years ago


OMG, where do I eve begin with this wonderful place. I`ve always wanted to see something like this up close and personal. This place is called Crystal Cave of Giants located in Naica, Mexico. It`s just so amazing and wonderful to see that this world is blessed with so many places that have yet to be discovered.

After reading all of this stuff about this place, I kind of changed my mind. LOL. Why? Well, because this place is a place where you are not able to sweat. One must be careful and watch their steps. I don`t know about y`all but I know some people are clumsy and this is not a place for you. If you are not a person who enjoys hiking and walking through tight spaces, then you don`t need to go here. I would rather just look at pictures now and only fantasize about how beautiful this place is.

Now, when one person goes here, they must wear PPE (personal protective equipment) that is made out of multiple layers. Because once someone gets into direct contact with the ice, they can instantly get frostbite and that is so not cool. Inside the vest, there are gel pouches that protect your body temperature. Plus, one will need a respirator pack. I`m sorry but that is just too much for me. I don`t think I want to get frostbite and fall to my death. Lmaol.

What do you think?
Would you visit this place knowing the risks involved?

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