Cry for Help

4 years ago

Read the article, the article says it all:

Woman finds a cry for help found inside a Halloween decoration, written by a Chinese factory worker

In October, a woman in Oregon bought some Halloween decorations at Wal-Mart and hidden inside one of the plastic decorations was this note from a Chinese factory worker. The authenticity of the note is still being looked into, but according to Human Rights Watch, it certainly looks and sounds legit:

Were in no position to confirm the veracity or origin of this. I think it is fair to say the conditions described in the letter certainly conform to what we know about conditions inlabor camps. If this thing is the real deal, thats somebody saying, Please help me, please know about me, please react. Thats our job.

Wow, pretty shocking I think.
People should spread the word and make sure this kind of things don`t happen anymore.
What do you think about it?

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