Crunchy Rice Rollers

2 years ago

This is a pack of crunchy rice rollers that I picked up from Costco. They are around $6.99. It comes in 3 packs and each pack contains 6-8. On the package it says that it is vegan, low sodium, low fat, gluten free and no cholesterol. Low sodium is correct cause when I ate them they are not really salty at all, actually more sweet than salty. But it wasn`t really sweet at all either. Just the right amount of sweetness. And it`s really crunchy too but not so much that it can break or chip your teeth. I do think these are low fat since they are made from rice.
I love that I can just snack on these without feeling so guilty if I were to have eaten a cookie instead. Great for on the go snacks too.
My mom used to make these when I was young but her version was a little bit different. It was also made with rice but it had peanuts in it and was not as soft as these. And it was more sweeter too. If I ever pass by these again and if I had the craving for them, I would definitely pick these up again but I am a junk food addict so I prefer

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