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4 years ago

Halloween is still a long way away but my coworkers were already in the Halloween spirit =)

First, we had a pie party today with 5 types of pies and ice cream. Then my coworker returned from England with a huge bag of English chocolates to share with everyone!

Some of my female coworkers already started complaining about gaining a few pounds since two weeks ago due to the frequent treats and snacks everyone kept bringing =P Thankfully, I did not gain any weight but I did lose 2 lbs again. My boyfriend started to get worried about my weight because he says I`m getting too tiny ><

One of the chocolates my coworker bought back were Crunchie bars. I know you can get them here too, but there is a huge difference between chocolate in the UK and chocolate in North America, even if its the same brand.

Chocolate in the UK tastes a lot better due to their chocolate classification policies. Yep, they have something like that in every country. Currently the US and Canada require a lower cocoa content for a chocolate snack to be considered a true "chocolate". Otherwise, they call it a "chocolate-flavored" snack.

In the UK, because the cocoa requirement is higher, you end up with creamier chocolate rather than just sugar in your mouth. So this crunchie bar was extremely creamy with rich milk chocolate taste that is on par with our Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate and Lindt milk chocolates. It tastes completely different than our Canadian crunchie bars! For one thing, the chocolate coating was more chestnut brown and did not have the white tinges you find on North American chocolate. The white tinges are actually sugar separating from the cocoa butter.

The toffee inside was sweeter than the ones we have here and they were more crisp. The toffee bits inside would melt in your mouth almost immediately, whereas the UK one melted in your mouth slowly and had a more rich golden glow.

I can`t wait to try the UK kit kats that he`s going to bring tomorrow =)

*photos are mine*


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