Cruise the Great Wall of China in a Side Car!

One of the many places I would love to visit is <strong>The Great Wall of China</strong> because I`m part Chinese, would love to learn more about the culture, history and just experience the country (especially since majority of "stuff" are made in China). I believe my sister is going to China next year, if only I can tag along.. but I doubt it because school interferes but I hope to go somewhere within the next 4 years because my passport expires and I haven`t even used it yet!

Speaking of the Great Wall of China, there are all sorts of options to visit the Great Wall of China.

One of the options I think would be really cool is touring the Great Wall with a side car (or what the Chinese call Sideway which is a motorcycle). The object of this tour is to take guests to see "unique (less known) spots. You tour through mountains to hidden areas, have a hike and homemade lunch for about $314 per person.

Other ways you can visit the Great Wall are or what you can do:

- Have a helicopter your of The Great Wall of China (that would be pretty awesome and breath taking but it`s a hefty price. About $236 per person for only 15 MINUTES
- Wild tour of the Great Wall of China. Why`s it called Wild Tour? You see remains of the Great Wall that is still standing.
- Staying over night at the Great Wall of China.. this may a good experience but creepy for me so you definitely won`t see me sleeping outdoors..
- Bike to the Great Wall, I can see a lot of people who enjoy exercising/biking doing this.
- Great Wall of China in style, a luxurious hotel with a nice view of the Great Wall.

<strong>Which way would you wanna view and experience the Great Wall?</strong> I think the Side Car is pretty awesome. I want to ride in one of those motorcycles like the old tv shows!

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