Cruise Ships are Safe

5 years ago

I am a big advocate of cruising as part of a vacation. What happened in Italy is unfortunate. But by no means should it deter you from taking a cruise.

Here`s a few reasons why:
1) These type of accidents are very very infrequent. You have a greater chance of getting that stomach virus on board than of the boat hitting rocks and sinking.
2) Okay getting a stomach virus is not very reassuring, but the chances of getting that is also slim especially when you take precautions. Including using anti bacterial soap which is found EVERY where on board the ship.
3) The abundance of good food. Most of the cruise lines would not be high end fine dining food but still of a pretty good quality in my opinion.
4) The ease of travel, not having to pack and unpack in each city. It`s just so much more easy to travel several close by cities this way.
5) Lots of family oriented activities and even for couples and singles. Like when I was cruising on the NCL Jewel they had free baby daycare. Woo hoo!

Instead of letting the Cruise ship incidence deter you, you should be motivated more because the industry will be in an win back customers mode. Meaning lower prices and great promotions!

Back to the Costa Cruises incidence. There`s not much a passenger could`ve done. It`s not reasonable to wear your life vest 24 hours on the boat. It`s also not policy for them to handcuff the captain to the steering wheel til all the elderly, children and women are off the boat first. One man made several poor judgement which unfortunately killed a few people. Listening to the transcript between the Captain and the Italian Coast Guard has to have you shaking your head in disbelief!

For my next cruise I hope to visit the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea. Hope you can join me!

Talk the TALK
1) Does the cruise accident makes you less likely to want to go on a cruise?
2) Do you think the Captain should be held responsible for the crashing of the ship and passengers being stranded?

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