Croydon Facelift...

According to Urban Dictionary a croydon facelift is described as "quite possibly the most pointless hairstyle ever" (lols). However, I`m currently growing my hair out and discovering how much it annoys me when its all over my face and neck and so have been pulling it all back a lot lately just to get it out the way (not because I`m a "chav" or anything, its just so easy) My housemates and I have discussed a few times about going for the croydon facelift look for a night out and this week I decided to give it a whirl....I really think the likes of Vicky Pollard have given the croydon a bad name because I think it can actually be quite a classy hairstyle if done properly :]

I for one quite liked having my hair like this, I think it looks quite simple and sophisticated and it means you really don`t need to worry about your hair at all, and when I went out it was raining and had I worn my hair down the baby hair would have gone all curly and angered me so it actually worked out quite well for me.

I didn`t use gel on my hair, just some shine enhancing hairspray which worked nicely as it didn`t make it a crispy and gross. And it I`m honest, although it gave me a bit of a headache I did like the fact that it enhanced my cheekbones as I do have a bit of a chubby face lol. And it the model photo her cheekbones look gorge (i know she has contoured make up on too but the hair definitely helps I think)

So what do you all think of this slightly controversial look? I personally really like it, so low maintenance, will definitely be rocking it more often I think :]

*photos aren`t mine, bar the last one (I blocked my friends faces out just because I don`t think they`ll want photos of themselves on here*

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