CrossFit - Super Workout With Super Bennefits!

4 years ago

Crossfit is getting very popular, with more classes showing up and competitions,but there is a good reason for that because its a super though workout but it produces great results.
I had mention crossfit before here on luuux but i never pointed out the benefits of it, which is something worth knowing and probably can make some people get into it.

Crossfit combines a lot of different exercises and they usually evolve using strength by lifting weights and other types of exercises that envolve body weight. But why should you get into crossfit?! Here are some bennefits :

- Huge calorie burn - By doing all those exercises in a speeded up pace you get a bigger calorie burn and also a cardio workout

- Muscle development - With all the weight exercises you get to develop some muscle mass and strength, which is great.

- Endurance - With such tough workouts you will improve endurance and be able to do pretty much everything.

You have much more bennefits, but these are just 3 i remembered (i also wanted to keep it short so you dont get bored).

But be aware, these workouts need supervision so taking a class is important and they have a potential for injuries, so if you have back problems or knee problems its tricky =/
Still, look into it if its something that interest you.

<strong>Have you heard about crossfit before?
What kind of exercise do you do more(cardio, weights, other sport)?</strong>

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