Crocs : love them or hate them

4 years ago

(photo is taken from the link down below)
so i personally used to hate crocs when they first came out! they looked bulky and the name reminded me too much of those dutch shoes with the thick bulky wooden platform.. :D the colors looked childish and around here only doctors at the hospital would wear them and who wants to run around with the same shoes that doctors wear all the time?
but recently this brand really has suprised me..
i have seen a lot of youtube beauty gurus blogging about these new crocs so i just had to check them out myself...
especially this new translucent line really changed my mind..their shape looks a lot more flattering on the feet and they also come in more settle colors as well as very bold ones..there are some that actually change the color in the sunlight which sounds pretty fun...i have also heard that they are extremely comfortable which always is a plus...some of the new designs are actually so cute that i am debating over getting some and only about a year ago i thought that day would never come ;)
maybe you should check these out as well..if you own any: do you recommend them or not?

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