Crispy MMs are back!

2 years ago

Hi everyone! Do you remember Crispy M&Ms? They were super popular many years ago when I was still in high school and they seemed to be everyone`s favorite type of M&M, including mine. Unfortunately they discontinued them and my generation had lamented their loss every since. The strange thing is that they were still available in other countries, and sometime people got creative and purchased them online from international sellers or friends.

But now we don`t have to do that anymore! I saw a friend post her bag of M&Ms on Facebook, and I immediately ran out the next day to try and find them. My friend bought hers at CVS, and I found mine at the same store. They had these small bags, and also the bigger bags. When they originally came out, they were in a sky blue bag, but that color has since gone to the Pretzel M&Ms, so if you`re looking for these in store, look for a lime green bag.

If you`ve never heard of or tried Crispy M&Ms, they feature the same chocolate outside, but the inside is a crispy, puffy rice cereal-type filling.

Thanks for reading!

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