Crimes against beauty

4 years ago

crime #1 Unblended eyeshadow
the crime occurs with her failure to blend the shadows at all. The result: clearly defined bands of color, a makeup artists` worst nightmare.

crime 2 Super-smoky eyes`
Smoky eyes can be a dramatic and sexy look, but if you apply so much shadow you can barely see your peepers in the mirror, it`s time to tone it down, way down.

crime # 3 Bronzer overload
A quick swipe of bronzer is a great way to warm up your skin and even fake a day at the beach. But any more than that and you just look radioactive

crime # 4 Pencil-thin eyebrows
Go easy with the tweezers, when grooming your brows you just want to clean up your natural arch, not create a cartoon-like line.

crime # 5: Heavy false eyelashes
False eyelashes can bring major drama to your look, but if yours are so heavy you can`t even open your eyes fully, it`s time to switch back to good ol` mascara.

crime #6 Obviously fake contact lenses
When you already have beautiful eyes like Lohan, there`s no need to get all freaky with contacts -- Halloween and the witness protection program being obvious exceptions.

crime # 7: Lip liner mis-match
Dark lip liner with dark lipstick -- fab. Dark lip liner with lighter lipstick -- hells no. Please, please do not continue this trend. It. Must. Die.

crime #8: Frosty lipstick
Frosty lipsticks like this look dated. Keep your look more, uh, this century with a glossy or matte product.

crime # 9 Devilish red eyeshadow
Red eyeshadow can be chic on the runway, but in real life it looks like you`ve just struck a deal with the devil.

crime # 10 In your face eyebrows
Fill in your brows with pencil for definition -- but don`t draw outside of the lines.

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