Crest 3D Whitestrip 2 Hour

4 years ago

My initial thoughts on this product. While reading through the little booklet that comes in the box I didn`t notice very complex steps. They were pretty vague actually. They have three steps to remove from packaging, place on teeth, and remove after 2 hours. I figured it would be easy enough I just needed to find 2 hours that I wouldn`t be hungry or thirsty. That is actually pretty hard for me! You also can`t brush your teeth before doing the treatment so doing later at night was out of the question too.
Upon opening the strips and trying to apply them I noticed they were really long for my mouth. I don`t know if anyone else had problems with them, but for me I had problems getting the top ones to stay put. They kept sliding because I couldn`t wrap the ends under because they were so long they went back to my molars and didn`t adhere 100% at the back which made them shift down. Once they were applied I noticed that I had a lot of saliva and I really wasn`t sure if I could swallow it or since these strips are peroxide if I had to spit it out. I opted to spit it out and that was when I started having slippage problems with the top strips. I really wish they had more instructions in the booklet. I ended up trying to search the internet for the answer. The taste also leaves a lot to be desired and may not be ideal for anyone with a delicate gag reflex. I got about 20 minutes into treatment and my teeth and gums were hurting so bad I opted to remove the strips. My gums were actually bleeding as soon as I removed the strips. I can`t fairly judge how well they whiten since I didn`t stick out the full two hours, but for me personally the pain is not worth any amount of teeth whitening.


One treatment every 3 months
One box is a years worth of treatments
Easy to follow instructions
Large strips that cover well


Kind of messy if you have to keep repositioning them like I did
Strips were too large for my smaller mouth so they didn`t adhere as well as they should have
Bleeding gums after 20min
Very sore gums and teeth after only 20min
Taste is horrible

Overall I would never purchase these again and am not sure if I am going to attempt a full two hour treatment since my gums are still throbbing from the short time they were on my teeth tonight. I think I would rather use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash since I don`t have badly stained teeth to begin with.
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