Crest 3D White Strips 2 Hour Express- Initial Thoughts

5 years ago

these have been around for quite awhile now, probably over a year. i finally got around to purchasing them.

i must admit, they were definitely a let down for me.

i will say that i can see a slightly whiter look to my teeth. but i was kind of hoping for a little bit more noticeable results.

if you aren`t familiar with these white strips. they are the ones that you use for 2 hours every 3 months.

i will say they were easy to apply and stayed adhered to my teeth nicely. they didn`t slip around. i also didn`t experience any sensitivity while they were on my teeth.

an annoying thing i did notice about these white strips, was i have a bad habit of grinding my teeth when i am sleeping. which isn`t a problem anymore because i have a retainer to help prevent and future harm to my teeth.

but there is some damage from it in the past and the white strips seemed to really whiten the tips of the teeth that i grinded the most. which is REALLY annoying!

all in all, i think i am going to give these white strips another shot, i used them probably about a week ago. i didn`t want to use them to close together because i don`t want to do any harm to my teeth.

i will do another update, when i use these again. which should be in the near future.

if anyone was wondering, i purchased mine off of amazon, because they were a lot cheaper on there than in the drugstore. i believe i paid $30 for them.

has anyone else tried these particular crest white strips? did they work for you?

***pictures are my own.

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