Creme de La Mer - Is It Worth $300 CND or $230 USD?

4 years ago

I truly believe preventative skin care is more important than corrective. Which is why I always wear sunscreen, stay well hydrated, ensure I eat more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, and stay away from sugars, processed foods, and fried goods as often as I can. I believe what you put into your body reflects on the outside. There is so much you can do for the inside though. Other times you have to work on the outside. When I use to work at Neiman Marcus, there would always be these Asian women ordering La Mer from me and for the majority of the time it was just the Creme de La Mer. So of course seeing women ordering a $300 CND or $230 USD jar of cream really piqued my interest. What is so special about it that women are willing to fork out that much for a cream?

Over 40 years ago it was created by Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist who suffered chemical burns to his face. Nothing seemed to help so he had developed a nutrient-rich, highly potent Miracle Broth which is a blend of sea kelp, vitamins and minerals. It claims to make your skin softer, firmer, looks virtually creaseless.

It is a cream you warm between your fingertips and pat onto your skin. I usually use three fingers on each hand to do this. I will generally use a pressing rolling of my fingers to pat it in. I have been using it since the age of 20. I will also top it with the La Mer eye cream and pat that on with my ring finger. I use to have forehead lines :( and you really should not scrunch your face in any way because it can cause wrinkling, but since using Creme de La Mer it has decreased the forehead lines and I do not have crows feet around my eyes yet "knock on wood." I do believe it is an excellent cream and really hydrating. When I use it I do not get flaky skin patches, but if I don`t use it for a night I do notice my skin will get flaky patches :(. Something that is so horrible and I know, but I pick and pop my zits and people say that will lead to scarring, but my acne scars will always fade away and heal when I use this cream, so because of that I will continue to pick away lol. They say you can use it day and night, but I find it too heavy for day time wear and will make my foundation look cakey. A jar will last you about a year so it is well worth the investment considering the cheap things we spend our money on every week could easily add up to the value of this cream. However will I be continuing to purchase this? It is questionable since I am running low and have a few weeks left of this and Kiehl`s had sent me the Abyssine Cream which has Abyssine a survival molecule and mineral-rich red alga. When I had tried the Abyssine Cream for a week I had noticed similar results as Creme de La Mer and for a fraction of the price. I am going to test it out for two weeks and if it isn`t upto standards I will buy another Creme de La Mer when I am in San Diego or Vegas in the coming weeks or get it from the shop.

What sort of preventative measures against aging are you taking?
Do you use a night cream? If so which one? Do you have wrinkles yet?

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