Creme Brulee

4 years ago

So I made creme brulee!! It was actually much easier than I ever thought it would be! And the recipes always say it takes a long time, but I cheated and let the pudding part cool in the freezer as oppose to the fridge haha so it went a lot faster! It was very very delicious!! and I definitely want to make it again! The only sad part was a lot of the stuff for the pudding part went to waste because I only have four ramekins (those little dishes) so I either have to go out and buy more, or I think that I can just do it in a large pan that is oven proof. Though I`m not too sure on that, it might ruin the pudding. Anybody know if that would work?
I decided I wanted to make creme brulee because a couple months ago (april) it was my birthday! (horray for being 21 and being able to make alcoholic cakes now haha) and my boyfriend bought me a creme brulee set, with the little torch, and the ramekins (he got it because I have been so into baking and cooking and such lately, it was much appreciated). If anyone is interested in getting the same set it is the $20 set from bed bath and beyond, it works very well! and is easy to store because the torch itself is small enough You have to buy gas to go in the torch though, but that stuff is pretty cheap $5 or so from fred meyer for a big can :)

It is super easy, I posted the link of the recipe/video that I Watched/used to make it! :D

If you have the time and the interest I would highly suggest you give it a try! Super tasty! It is sweet, but also a nice light desert! <3 plus i felt so classy eating it haha

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