Creamy Kale Soup

2 years ago

I came up with this recipe because i was wanting to eat some kale but the only way i would usually eat it is in a soup, smoothie, or made into chips. I went with a soup. This recipe is quiet easy to make and uses pretty basic ingredients.

Here is what you need:
-Ground Beef
-Chicken Stock
-Heavy Cream
-Salt & Pepper

-Dice up your onions and place in a hot pan along with the ground beef, salt, and pepper.
-Once onions and ground beef are done, pour in your chicken stock.
-Let the stock come to a boil.
-Now take your cubed potatoes and pour them into the soup.
-Let boil for a couple of minutes.
-Pour your heavy cream in the mixture.
-Toss in kale.
-Let soup come to a full boil

Like i said this recipe is quite simple. You can always add in other ingredients if you like. When the kale is put in the soup towards the end, it tastes fresher than if you were to want it in earlier. Either way its your preference of whether you like the kale softer or not. The same goes with the potatoes.

What is your favorite kind of soup?
Do you like Kale?


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