Crazy Daisies!

5 years ago

My boyfriend got me these flowers for our anniversary. One thing I will admit is yes, I enjoy roses, but I REALLY love crazy daisies! Theyre so cute, colorful and just all around happy flowers. They are one of those types of flowers that just make you smile,. Normal daisies can tend to be boring, but crazy daisies just bring a whole new level of excitement to them. The flowers themselves are dyed purple, blue, orange, pink and green. Now how do they get the flowers in these vibrant, eye catching colors? Well, they drop dye into the water the daisies are sitting in, and the stems suck the water up into them to hydrate the flower. When the dye reaches the petals, it absorbs the vibrant dye shades which are in its water source. The florist then takes the flowers once the dye is absorbed and makes bouquets out of the various flower shades and sells them as they are.

Have you ever seen crazy daisies?
What is your favorite type of flower?

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