CRAZIEST COUPLE ON YOUTUBE!- and my obsession for the past 2 months!

4 years ago

I LOVE THEM!!! if you know their youtube channels `BFvsGF" "PrankvsPrank", Jesse`s gaming channel "downragegaming" or their kitty Nylah`s channel "NylahKitty" you know what i`m talking about! there is no way you won`t fall inlove with them!

Their daily vlog is BfvsGf, where they share the amazingly fun life they live day to day. Beautiful Jeana and hunky Jesse have been together for 6 years, and no, they have not gotten married yet ;P although all the millions of fans they have do not stop the playfull pressure. They go on amazing trips and "errands" like their amazing "WAWA RUNS"; and take us lucky viewers with them!
Their other channel "PrankvsPrank" is probably the most amazing pranking channel on youtube! It`s not just me who thinks that. They are so popular on the web, and so dear to our hearts that they have even appeared on the show "20/20" (aired in June 2012) Their pranks have been going on for several years now- on Youtube atleast ;P
This crazy couple has become the highlight of my every day. There is not a day that i dont check Youtube sporadically to be ready for whenever their 10 minutes vlogs are up!
I`m sure their fame grows every day, as millions of viewers fall inlove with their amazing smiles and all the laughter they share with us!
From Jesse`s obsession to cookies and his famous "cookie dance"; to Jeana`s sweet and beautiful face, this is a couple that will take your hearts away from the beginning up until their famous departure of "Peace on the streets SAAAAN"
Just look at ME! I started writing this blog about how much i love them and i`ve ended up talking about them as if they were A-list celebrities..which they kinda are ;P
If you haven`t yet heard of them, i definitely encourage you to go check them out!
Much like many of their fans, you will start with one video and eventually end up watching 20-30 videos at midnight!
xo, Gaby <3

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