Crayon Bowl!

4 years ago

If you know someone who is a teacher or works with kids in some way or another, You should try and make this gift to give.

What you need:
Glass straight bowl
A few packs on crayons, depending on the size of bowl.
Hot Glue gun
candy to fill the bowl with

What to do:
Take a bowl that will be easily able to glue crayons.
Sort out the crayons you wants to use, you can do random, or color cordinate them.
Take one piece of crayon and place some hot glue on the side and place on the glass, contiune throughout!

I found out that, with glass and hot glue is that it is secure enough on the glass where it won`t easily fall off, but if you would like to the use the crayons the pop off without breaking!

Fill the jar with some candy or anything else random!

I love this, and I fele like this is a great gift to give!


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