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Hey everyone!
I know that I haven`t posted anything in a while, but I tried this new project with my boyfriend`s little sister that I thought that you`d might like to try, especially if you like DIY projects! It`s a lot of fun and actually pretty cheap! All you need is a canvas, a box of crayons (preferably the biggest box you can find), some glue, a hair dryer, some newspaper, and something to do a design on the canvas if you want. I used a pencil and a sharpie to write a quote on mine. After you get all that stuff together, start thinking of a color scheme and follow these simple steps:
1. Take all the paper off of the crayons that you`re using (the crayons melt a lot better and faster that way.)
2. Put glue onto the canvas where you`re putting the crayons.
3. Line the crayons up along the top part of the canvas where you have the glue.
4. Let the glue dry.
5. While the glue is drying, you can start your design on the canvas and spread the newspaper out wherever you`re going to melt the crayons. I did it on the floor and up against the wall since that seemed easiest.
6. Once the glue is fully dried, you can start melting the crayons with a blow dryer.

After you`re done with melting all the crayons, just let them dry and you`re done! Easy and simple! I hope you have as much fun as I did making this project!!


*The picture is my own*

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