Crawfish Broil!

4 years ago

One of the most favorite dishes among Asians (yes, I`m kind of stereotyping) is probably crawfish. Sometimes, when I go to a Asian buffet with my friends, all they eat is like....6 plates of crawfish. Is that crazy or what? So my friend invited a few people over and made this huge pot of crawfish broil. I`m not sure how she made it but she threw in TONS of crawfish, spices and hunks of corn. Usually I just the corn because I can`t bring myself to eat a crawfish. LOL

Everyone says it`s really good, but I`ll just skip it for now. It`s weird when you have to rip them in half. -_- Hopefully I`m not the only one who thinks it`s awkward. LOL but once in a while I`m lucky and they throw in other seafood like clams or shrimp. Have you tried this before?

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