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5 years ago

Its no secret that I love coffee and have to have it everyday. How many of you drink coffee regularly? Thought I would share some interesting facts about it with you all!

Given the fact that so many people in the world drink coffee, I thought it would be interesting to read up more about it and share some interesting facts with you all that you may or may not be aware of.

Second only to oil, coffee is now the second most valuable commodity on Earth! The coffee business is huge and there are some estimates that nearly 500 million people make a living through the coffee business in one way, shape or form.

Coffee beans are grown in almost all parts of the world, however there is only 2 specific types of coffee bean: Arabica beans, which are grown mostly in Africa, South and Central Americas, and Robusto beans, which primarily grow in Asia.

Despite there only being 2 types of coffee bean, there are over 40 different blends of coffee available today. That is because where the coffee beans grow and how they are processed plays a huge part in the way they taste. Coffee beans from different places may have different flavors, acidity levels, caffeine content, etc. Because of this, coffee can be compared to wine, which also demonstrates a wide range of flavors and tastes.

One example of a unique coffee flavor is the blend called Kopi Luak, which is the most expensive bean in the world produced in Indonesia and costs $700 for 2.2 pounds. There is an animal called the Civet cat that chews on the ripe cherries and coffee beans in the wild and once the coffee beans have been expelled through the cat, local farmers take the bean, wash and roast it and sell it to the highest bidder. The intense aroma of the coffee comes from the musk secreted by the anal glands of the cat. The process by which this coffee comes by may disturb some of you, but it is truly a one of a kind process.

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