Crabtree amp Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy: Review

5 years ago

I received this product recently from a friend who was giving away some of her bath products (she has a lot that she`s never used). Gardeners Hand Therapy is a hand moisturizer that is "recommended to soothe and help protect a gardener`s work-roughened hands". You get 100 g or 3.5 oz of product. According to the Crabtree & Evelyn U.S. site, this product costs $19, but I`m pretty sure the price tag on the box I received this in said $26.50...ouchie!

I like the formula of this moisturizer - it`s thicker than a lotion, but not so thick that I`d call it a butter. It reminds me of my favourite moisturizer, Ophelia`s Apothecary Whipped Body Butter (which I like better, and is still cheaper than the Crabtree & Evelyn one). Gardeners Hand Therapy absorbs quickly into the skin, though it does leave a bit of a residue behind at first, which I don`t mind too much. It also doesn`t rinse off as soon as you wash your hands, like many moisturizers do.

I have one real problem with this product (aside from the price): the fragrance. OMG, it smells like cheap men`s cologne. Fortunately, the scent fades quite a bit after application, but when you first apply it, it`s like getting smacked in the face. I don`t even like expensive men`s colognes very much, and the fragrance in this moisturizer is only somewhat better than Axe Body Spray, which I hate. I mean, I can deal with it, but I really don`t like the smell of this stuff. Moreover, it`s kind of confusing...the packaging shows a picture of a lady gardener, and yet the moisturizer inside smells like a men`s product. I don`t really get it. Besides, aren`t gardeners supposed to be into herbal smells, and stuff? You know, stuff that smells garden-y? This moisturizer smells like nothing of what I would assume gardeners like the smell of, lol.

Overall, I like the formula of this moisturizer. It`s pretty darn good quality! However, the value kind of sucks. I just wouldn`t pay $20-odd bucks for this stuff. And the smell...ick. I`m going to use this stuff up, for sure, but I won`t be repurchasing it.

<strong>Have you ever tried Crabree & Evelyn`s Gardeners Hand Therapy? If not, what`s your favourite hand moisturizer?</strong>

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