Covergirl Review Series: Clean Foundation for Normal Skin

4 years ago

High-end does not necessarily mean that it`s amazing, or miraculous! Sure, there are a few cult products that we all don`t mind splurging on once in awhile or even save up to get them all.. I`m sure if you`re reading this, you are as obsessed with makeup as I am and can`t help but walk into the nearest department store and come out far from empty-handed lol! Not everyone can keep up with this obsession financially, so we turn to lower-cost alternatives! Some drugstore products are just as good, or even better than some higher-end ones. I`ll share my Covergirl faves with you today and you could go test them out to see if you like them as much as I do. I can`t live without these anymore now, I`m hooked!

In this review series, I`ll be sharing a few items from Covergirl and what I like or dislike about them and hopefully it`ll help you guys in deciding whether to try them out :)

My first Covergirl purchase was a Covergirl Clean Foundation in Ivory 105. I`ve never really liked the whole matte and powdery finish for my skin. I just find it too heavy and personally, I just don`t like it. It looks great on other people but I don`t know why, I can`t seem to make it work on me :( anyway, this foundation is my absolute favourite. I didn`t know what I was getting into when I first got this foundation without prior research or anything so I wasn`t really expecting much. I think it cost me about AUD $15 and I didn`t really mind just trying it out so I gave it shot. I was very happy with the results, light to medium coverage but buildable if you go for a second application. But I have to note that this is probably not for like, really problematic skin or if you need super heavy coverage. It`s more like a natural makeup look! It looked super natural and blended in well into my skin without highlighting any flaws (dry skin around my nose). It doesn`t really settle into flaky skin for me as well, but of course, this is with prior moisturizing and skin-prepping! It gave off a very nice dewy finish without any of those chunky shimmers, which btw, I despise! It was like my second skin. I thought it was just me, you know, like how sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking we really like something but in reality, it`s just fugly haha. Well anyway I got like compliments from my friend`s friend while we were in the library and she was like "you have amazing skin, really, it`s so flawless". I had a like mini mental tug-of-war whether to tell her I was actually wearing CG foundation but NAHHHH I decided not to LOL. Even my housemate kept saying how I had such flawless skin, only after I started using this foundation. Not too shabby huh... And I`m sure it`s even cheaper in the States. Only wish they have CG in Malaysia :( I`ll buy out the entire CG display before I graduate hehehe. Oooh ooh one more thing, I set with a CG translucent powder that I`ll review soon! Go lightly on powders, don`t wanna lose the dewy finish of CLEAN <3

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