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4 years ago

After I returned my Revlon Colorstay foundation a little while back, I have been back on the hunt for a good drugstore foundation. I don`t often have luck when it comes to liquid foundations. Typically, they look okay initially, but will quickly oxidize, slide, separate, etc. The Revlon Colorstay was amazing, but unfortunately, I learned that it doesn`t work with my chemistry. I ended up breaking out in painful, cystic pimples. (side note: as long as it works well with your chemistry and you are certain to wash away all traces at the end of the day, I think it is a fantastic foundation to try out. You can see my review: HERE!) I first saw this foundation pop up in my local Target store just after Christmas. I should have bought it back then because it still had a $5.99 price tag. It seems that the price has jumped up now. I think, according to another blog, that was an introduction price. Once they have launched it everywhere, the price will be set just around $10.00. I bought mine at a Meijer store for $9.99. This was close to the same price (if not the very same) that I paid for the Revlon Colorstay. This foundation claims to be not just a foundation, but a primer and concealer as well! All day flawless coverage. Lasting power of a primer, coverage of a concealer, and blendability of a foundation in one. Shine free. One should be able to apply this to the skin without having the extra steps of a primer and a concealer, according to the claims. We`ll get into this a little bit further down. An added bonus to this foundation is that it already contains some SPF. There is an SPF 20 mixed into this product. I really appreciate that, even though I still apply sunscreens to make sure I`m as protected as I can be (with a makeup product, that is) It comes in about 14 colors, which isn`t as large as the Colorstay (it has 20, plus two different formulations for each particular color), but significantly better than a lot of foundation ranges. The lightest they offer being 805 Ivory. If you are looking for a very pale foundation, that is as pale as you`ll get from this range. It may not cut it for everyone, and if that is the case, there are some pure white foundation mixes you can get, but typically they`re not found in a place like the drugstore. The bottle contains 1 oz, which is about average for a foundation. It is in a glass bottle with a blue pump dispenser. I appreciate this immensely! So many of us have complained for long enough that we can`t stand having to pour out the foundation onto our hands, a sponge, or a palette. This makes it easier to pump out the right amount of product without worrying that we are wasting. Good job, Cover Girl, good job! Something that seems strange to me, however, is that a lot of people have mentioned that theirs didn`t come with a lid over the pump. Mine did. I have a little plastic, clear lid that snaps over top of the pump, onto the bottle. When I first tried this out, I sort of expected to get a whiff of paint, like I did with the Colorstay, but nope! Yes, it has a scent, but to me it is more of a typical cosmetic kind of smell. I didn`t find it strong or offensive. Once the product is blended onto the skin, the smell has gone away. This won`t mean anything to 99% of people, but for some reason, when I smell this foundation I am reminded of going through cosmetology school. Now, for most, that is going to conjure up ideas of perm, dye, and hairspray. While those are prominent scents...that isn`t what this smells like. I can`t explain it, but something about my cosmetology school smelled like this foundation does. HAHA! Application is very nice with this foundation. I found I could pump out 1 full pump onto my brush (which is simply a flat top mineral works well for buffing in this foundation), dot it around my face, and then buff it in. It blends out with ease. I didn`t find that it dried up too fast. I was able to work with it and get it spread across my entire face and down my neck before it dried. It is, obviously, heavier than a tinted moisturizer, but I don`t think it is as thick as the Colorstay. I would say this is a medium to full coverage foundation, depending on how much you apply. I apply as little as possible, and then if I still need more coverage in certain areas, I`ll go back in with a tiny bit more. I don`t feel like my face looks cakey at all when I wear this. It does a very good job of evening my skin tone and covering blemishes. At times, I do need to go back in with a bit of concealer in some areas, but that is really if I`m trying to 100% perfect my face. I would feel completely comfortable applying only this and walking out of my house. I don`t feel like my skin is suffocating with this foundation on. Obviously, I know something is there, but it doesn`t feel as though I am wearing a mask. I think it is light enough to still be comfortable. I find this to be amazing considering it has quite good coverage. Typically, we expect to find these types of foundations thick, heavy, and cakey. I have some very fine lines, but I didn`t have any kind of issue with it settling into those areas. That is a bonus! The last thing someone with fine lines or wrinkles would want is a product settling into them and emphasizing them. To give you an idea, I do have oily skin. In the summer it is much worse. So far, I have only been able to test this out through the winter months, so we`ll see how things pan out in the summer. I like that this foundation mattifies my skin without making me look deathly. If you have dry skin I think it could go one way or the other....some will like this and others will hate it. I did notice if I had any dry patches (from, say, a healing break out or around my nose after a cold) the foundation does cling to it a bit. Make sure you moisturize before applying this. Even me, having oily skin, I always make sure I have a well hydrated face first. Each time I wear this, I treat it as I did the Revlon Colorstay. I apply some coconut oil to my face, which breaks down the foundation (and everything else on the face). Then, I wash with my facial cleanser to remove the makeup and the coconut oil. Lastly, I wash a second time with my Olay ProX Brush and cleanser. This way, I am certain to remove all traces of makeup. I have to say, so far so good. I haven`t had issues with the formulation breaking me out. I do think this is just as worthy of hype as the Revlon Colorstay foundation. It really does hold up to its lofty claims. Over all, I`m very impressed. The only negative I have is the price. Because it is a drugstore brand, I think its price tag should be lower....but that goes for most drugstore products anymore. They all seem to have jumped up in price over the last couple of years. :-( If you had any interest in this foundation, I think it is worth purchasing and giving a shot. I really do think it rivals all other drugstore foundations.... and, dare I say, some high end ones.
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