CoverGirl NatureLuxe Foundation Review!

5 years ago

When this foundation first came out I saw it on so many beauty videos and hauls! One person that really stuck in my memory was Macbarbie07, who i adore!

I also really needed a new foundation at the time (mid-November?) But I held it off; seeing i had no money.

Then because my dance concert and my younger sister`s was coming up I really needed foundation; and my dad was going to pay! I was so happy so i basically jumped into Priceline.
<strong> BTW Priceline is a pharmacy and a beauty thing rolled into one. It`s kind of like a sephora maybe? it has australian and american brands. It`s actually where I just got my job at!</strong>

So I was looking around and the Covergirl nature luxe was on a bit of a sale; it was buy two get one free or something like that. So i bought this foundation in the color <strong> Bamboo</strong> Which was kind of a guess; cause I was in a rush; but turns out to be perfect! And I also got two lipglosses!

<strong> My first impression was</strong> that it was not what i thought it would be. I mean everyone was raving (well not everyone) but about how good it is. And i had even seen some things on luuux about it. I didn`t love it at first; but i have grown to it a lot more! And i do really like it now!

The texture on your skin is very light; which i like. But it supposed to smell like cucumbers; but i feel it`s a weird smell. It also has a weird feeling when you don`t set it with powder (well before hand I realised) But it is very moisturising and can help the skin leaving it kind of soft.

I am not sure if i would re-purchase it though; i am still looking for that perfect foundation. My face changes colors; to pale to dark to freckle mania. I have this weird thing where I must make my freckles look a little softer. I don`t know; i just wish i had clear no freckled skin; but then i would miss them! It`s a hard knock like for me. aha ;D

But this foundation does offer pretty good coverage as well; espically with a good setting powder.
And it has SPF! WWOO! ANy foundation with SPF is great! Helps keeps the freckles away and ageing signs!
But it was a decent price it was only like $15 or something; but i have seen it lately at $20! I don`t wear liquid foundation everyday; so it`s still got a fair about left. But because of work I might start doing a little heavier makeup depending. And i am looking for a really good foundation so if you guys recommend any it would be great! I want to try the MAC foundation but there has been mixed reviews on it.

<strong> Overrall i do recommend this product but it`s not a must have product that i NEED to re-purchase. Maybe if it`s on sale or something I would consider buying it again! But for now I am going to look around until I find another good foundation! What do you think? DO you own this?</strong>

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